Tailored Executive Solutions

Right Job-Right Fit-Right Career path-Right Career Development

Improve your personal understanding of:

  • How to Successfully Compete for All Positions, Including SES Positions
  • Writing Successful ECQ Packages
  • Leadership Career Paths
  • How to Gain Leadership Competencies
  • Personal Ethics and Accountability
  • How to make Savvy Career Choices

Executive Assessment

  • LPI 360° Assessment
  • MBTI® Assessment for Individuals, Teams, Organizations
  • CPI®  260
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building

Executive Coaching

  • SES Candidate Development Program Participants
  • Coaching Candidates in Writing Executive Core Qualifications
  • Coaching SES CDP Participants
  • Coaching Executive Career Strategies
  • Interviewing For Executive Positions
  • Executive Resources
  • Competency Development
  • Human Capital Management for Executives

Executive Resources Consulting

  • Hiring
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • SES Classification
  • Consultation on SES Policies & Best Practices
  • Writing SES Allocation Justifications
  • SES Performance
  • Writing Presidential Rank Award Nominations