Brenda DePuy, IPMPA-CP

Brenda DePuy, IPMPA-CP

Principal, DePuy HR Associates

Principal, Depuy HR Associates

Brenda is the owner of DePuy HR Associates, which provides Executive training and HR consulting to federal agencies.She has trained over thousands of federal executives in leadership competencies. As a Leadership Coach, she has helped over 500 executive clients.

DePuy HR Associates provides consulting services, program assistance and training to government agencies in the areas of Executive Resources, SES CDP Programs, staffing, diversity programs, RIF, workforce analysis, strategic workforce planning, organizational structures, classification and career development strategies. Her agency clients include: NGA, NIH, DOL, DHS, VA, HHS, DOE, AG, DHS, PBGC, CNCS, FEC, NASA, DOD and EPA.

While working at OPM Executive Resource,  she advised agencies on all aspects of their executive programs, and administering the OPM Qualifications Review Boards (QRB) as they reviewed and approved/disapproved the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) of agencies tentative SES selections. She also eventually led the Executive Resources’ portion of OPM Director James’ “Fix the Hiring Processes” initiative and personally developed and delivered government-wide workshops for HR Executive Resources staff on all new executive hiring and evaluation strategies.

Brenda was recently invited to speak at George Mason University’s 5th Annual Innovations in e-Learning Symposium.

Awards and Accomplishments

    • Meritorious Service Award
    • Commander’s Award with medal, Lt. General Salomon
    • Published in OPM’s Exemplary Practices Digest
    • Who’s Who of American Women
    • Who’s Who of American Business Women
    • Certificate of Appreciation from Assistant Secretary of the Army
    • Certificate of Appreciation from TRADOC Civilian Personnel Director
  • Letter of Appreciation from Army Personnel Director
  • Letter of Appreciation from OPM Area Manager
  • Graduate School, USDA  Leadership Program,Scored 4.778 out of 5.000 for 9 courses taught between February 1, 2007, to February 1, 2008
  • Many Outstanding ratings, QSI and awards prior to 1987
  • Multiple Exceptional ratings
  • Multiple Performance awards
  • Multiple Outstanding ratings
  • Interim Outstanding rating
  • Time Off Award
  • Multiple Special Act Awards
  • Cash award
  • On-the-Spot Cash Awards